Untethered: How CIOs and CISOs are paving the way for the new hybrid workforce

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Organizations around the world are looking at the best ways to welcome their employees back into the office after more than two years untethered from traditional work.

So much has changed—not just the way people work, but the way they want to work. Workers want flexibility, and with that comes new concerns over enterprise risk and security. It falls to today’s savvy leaders to determine the right way forward.

HMG Strategy surveyed CIOs, CISOs, and corporate technology leaders to discover their priorities and challenges in this new environment, and dig into the strategies and security solutions they believe will most effectively help them safely enable a hybrid workforce.

Download this report to learn how:

  • 56% are far along in their transition to a hybrid workplace
  • 19% reported frustrated users due to legacy tech stacks and inconsistent access policies for remote work
  • 31% said overprivileged access for employees and third-parties is the highest risk in hybrid work.

Provided by  Zscaler


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